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Check out the SickSpeedMonte Pedal on Hotrod Garage!!

(The Universal/Tilton master doesn't require the fitting he's talking about)

This setup was recently featured in a BankShift Article as part of the G Machine Project,
a 1978 Monte Carlo that is bound for road racing.

"Since I have had hydraulic issues in the past with factory T56 equipped cars, using some of the other aftermarket solutions out there with a stock master cylinder would be a last resort. Unfortunately what we found out was that even with a remote reservoir the Malibu pedal just wouldn’t work. It was not possible to mount the master cylinder high enough for a proper pivot point on the clutch pedal. The rod was at the halfway point of the pedal, creating no mechanical leverage to the master cylinder and making it difficult to push on the pedal. The answer was to call Bernie Duplan from, who pioneered this swap over 10 years ago.

The Sick Speed Monte setup relocates the master cylinder on a bracket low to the floor, with the pushrod angling down from the top of the pedal assembly. It keeps the pushrod nice and close to the pivot point. After speaking with a few customers, it seemed like this was the way to go – even if it meant going to a stock master cylinder. But thankfully when I called Bernie, he was just about to release a new version of the pedal to work with a Tilton 75-Series master cylinder. Despite G Machine’s future in racing and its aftermarket clutch, I had every confidence that the Tilton master could do the job. The setup is sold as a complete kit through with the clutch pedal, mounting bracket, master cylinder, pivot bushings, pushrod assembly, Grade 8 hardware, and instructions."

[One correction; the SickSpeedMonte pedal kit does not include the master cylinder itself. The universal master cylinders offer flexibility with adjustable pushrods, remote reservoirs, and several choices of bore diameter. The master cylinder should be selected so that it provides the fluid displacement necessary to operate the slave cylinder.]

   These aftermarket masters are sometimes necessary for extreme conditions such as racing or when upgraded clutch pressure plates are used. They are available with a variety of bore diameters to satisfy any fluid displacement requirements and they can be rebuilt.

   The aftermarket master bracket is sold as a kit with the current SickSpeedMonte Clutch Pedal. In addition to the current kit contents, the kit for aftermarket masters includes an adjustable pushrod assembly that is designed for the this kit. The following list is an example of the additional parts needed to plumb a Tilton 75-Series master.

  • Tilton 75-Series Master Kit with Remote Reservoir, $89.25
  • Earl's -3AN Elbow, $11.64. (This part can be avoided by selecting a 90 degree hose end or banjo fitting on the end of the brake hose that connects to the master. This elbow makes the master assembly more compact.)
  • Pre-formed -3AN Brake Hose, $20-30. Length and angle on the slave end will be determined by your slave location and orientation. This one from Speedway Motors goes from a -4AN to a GM quick connect fitting for the F-body slave and pairs well with this banjo fitting for the -3AN (3/8-24 thread) outlet ports.
  • Example adapter fitting to go from -3AN female to your slave cylinder, $21.97 (Yours may differ, depending on the slave.) This fitting may be eliminated by selecting a pre-made hose with the correct end.
  • Pedal Pads, $3.97 X2
  • Pushrod Boot, $11.97

   The geometry in the pedal kit gives ~1.0" of stroke at the master cylinder, which bottoms out at 1.1". The amount of total stroke and the position in the pedal throw where the clutch releases can be adjusted with the adjustable-length pushrod. The pedal feel is designed to be just like the original SSM pedal which is designed to feel like a factory-stock, late-model car.

The requirements for a compatible master cylinder are:

  • A mounting face perpendicular to the bore
  • Mounting holes/bolts at 12:00 and 6:00 positions, 2.25" apart
  • 5/16" mounting holes
  • 5/16-24 fine-thread pushrod
  • 4.25" +0.5" long pushrod measured to mounting face. (4.25" is ideal, leaving +0.5" adjustment either shorter or longer)
  • Supports a remote reservoir
  • The Tilton 76-Series can be used if banjo fittings are connected to both the outlet and the reservoir fittings due to steering shaft clearance. The outlet uses a 3/8-24 banjo bolt and the reservoir uses a 7/16-20 banjo bolt. For the reservoir, I suggest using a banjo fitting that has a hose barb.

   The kit includes:

  • Clutch Pedal. (Re-use your stock brake pedal. Simply cut down the foot pad.)
  • Master Cylinder Mounting Bracket. This bracket mounts the clutch master cylinder so that the pedal geometry is uncompromised. It supports industry-standard universal master cylinders described above, which are not included.
  • One pair of pedal pivot bushings. Replacements can be found at any parts store.
  • Pushrod assembly, including rod end, jamb nuts, and coupler to attach to the master cylinder and provide the correct length with the ability to adjust for the desired pedal release point.
  • Grade 8 hardware to mount clutch pedal and brake pedal on the existing brake pedal bracket, to mount the pushrod to the pedal, and to mount the clutch master cylinder.
  • Install instructions and information on placement of a hole to allow the pushrod to pass through the firewall can be found here.

   Not included are rubber pedal pad covers (2 required, available from Dorman, GM Restoration Parts, etc). It is also recommended that you install a clutch pushrod boot to the firewall to seal the cabin from the engine compartment. Extra pedal pivot bushings are a Dorman 74016.