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Auto Cross

On November 5th, the Monte made its first official "track" appearance at an auto cross held by Autocrossers Incorporated. I had tried 2 weeks prior, but 12 miles into the trip, I broke my drive shaft at the rear pinion and had to be towed home. This time, my luck was much better. I made it all the way to the stadium, raced all 4 trials successfully, and never even hit a single cone. Overall, I am very happy with the car's, and my, first auto cross experience. Since lap times are arbitrary in the sport, I will instead say that I finished about mid way through the field in a 3700lb car on street tires and pretty much stock suspension. The car was quite loose, especially exiting turns, which is expected due to quite a bit of torque and gear. The SS does come stock with a rear sway bar, which helped.
I am definitely going to get into the sport next season, and work my way into road racing after a few more mods. I also plan to add a racing page to this web site that will document all trips to the drag strip, auto crosses, and road races.

The Monte In The Press!!

Back in June of 2006, I e-mailed Chevy High Performance Magazine with an in-depth list of modifications that I have done to the Monte. I gave a little info on myself, including the fact that I worked two jobs, go to college full time, my friends and family all have older Chevrolets, and that I did most all of the work myself, save for body work. I also attached 6 or 7 pictures with the e-mail, of the car and myself with the car. Well, in the December, 2006 issue, on page 99, you will find this article pictured above!

The Monte On Shirts!! is a site that provides resources to 4th generation Monte Carlo SS owners. It is the greatest place on the world wide web for anyone web master with these cars. One day the web master posted a thread on the forum, asking for high resolution pictures of the members' rides so that they could come up with a site logo, and print it on everything from T-shirts for your dog to decorative tiles (and yes, normal stuff in between too). Well three Montes were chosen, and mine happened to be one of them. A few months later, I was opening a package with my order in it (including a free T-shirt as a gratuity for lending my car, thanks Paul!). I was about as excited as a 6 year old on Christmas morning.

If you would like to order any merchandise, then head on over to the Online Store and put together an order! All proceeds go to upgrading and maintaining The web site and message board.

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